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Wow, this guy is the master!

Discussion in 'Rolling Joints' started by Rob101, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Rob101

    Rob101 New Member

    Look at those joints LOL
  2. patrick

    patrick Member

    Nice1 But i wont be happy with smoking glue and wooden sticks :/ But really nice jobs you have done man !
  3. johnbelley

    johnbelley Member

    it's aaalll organic Maaaan!
  4. patrick

    patrick Member

    But he uses neither of these?
  5. johnbelley

    johnbelley Member

    he sticks are there for air flow. after the joint is done you take them out before smoking, and it leaves a path for air all the way through. he makes these too tight to not have that, wouldnt be able to smoke them.
  6. On Notice

    On Notice New Member

    Yes, when they're too tight something has to give. It looks like this guy has perfected that and hundreds of other techniques. There is a market for this sort of thing.
  7. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    This is absolutely amazing, I wonder how long it took him to practice all of that. I love the creativity behind all of this, I would very much like to smoke a Pikachu some time haha.
  8. Samuel Jacob

    Samuel Jacob New Member

    haha, lol, this guy is insane
  9. costin

    costin Member

    Funny guy, like all of his age
    He obtained flexibility through long practice, nothing more
    Since he used a gun this time, maybe next time he would come up with something fashionable, like a pokemon
  10. Randomer2000

    Randomer2000 Member

    I've seen this guy and his amazing joints in an article once! Absolutely magnificent, would love to have one of these just to show the guys haha!
  11. usmantemuri1

    usmantemuri1 Member

    he actually seems like a cool dude he's not a braggy wigger asshole

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