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Would you hire a California packaging company for Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Labeling and Packaging' started by Cannabispreneur, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Cannabispreneur

    Cannabispreneur New Member

    Would you go through the effort to hire a California packaging company for Marijuana? This way you could avoid worry about being non-compliant in some manner and although it may be more costly, it can save you headache down the road. What would be your guys thoughts on this, would you rather just do this yourself or hire someone?
  2. Sarahk26

    Sarahk26 New Member

    I'd like to keep business as local as possible.
  3. Samuel Jacob

    Samuel Jacob New Member

    I don't know, i don't really think so. I think you should keep it as low key as posible.
  4. costin

    costin Member

    I would probably do it myself, you don`t sell hundreds of kilograms each day, it wouldn`t take that much time and besides you will make some savings, rather than hiring someday from the outside to do it
  5. uloveit

    uloveit New Member

    Packing it kind of ruins the mood I think. It is probably for the best to keep low profile and don't brand it or anything.
  6. costin

    costin Member

    Even if you keep it low, at a certain moment, you will have to pack the goodies for a friend who can`t arrive at home, maybe you move to a different place and you have to get your things with you
    I remember that my mother used to pack her flowers into wood boxes or material made of cellulose, no plastic bags at all. It could be a reliable solution
  7. Cannabispreneur

    Cannabispreneur New Member

    This is always a good point but on the other flip side, as it is getting legalized more and more for medical use and even recently recreational, it's something to keep in the back of your mind.
  8. Mayoorcity

    Mayoorcity New Member

    I can for sure if it's legalised. That's the only thing that make me to hire a packaging company.
  9. Randomer2000

    Randomer2000 Member

    Yeah I wouldn't want anything to go mainstream, It kind of ruins the mood for me. No brands, No standard packaging. Just zip it up and ship it off is what works for me, and as long as you price it right and target the right customers, they'll keep coming back
  10. usmantemuri1

    usmantemuri1 Member

    No i dont really like to hire someone i'd like to do my job my self :)

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