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How do you think Marijuana will be enforced in the future?

Discussion in 'Justice' started by Cannabispreneur, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Cannabispreneur

    Cannabispreneur New Member

    With all the individuals in jail for crimes they committed that are now completely legal, how long until they start getting released, and what fines do you expect for those that might be selling too much or trying to avoid paying taxes? Will they be dealing with just the IRS, or will they be dealing with potential criminal offenses too without the proper licensing? What do you think?
  2. On Notice

    On Notice New Member

    It all depends on the crimes they commit. If they are avoiding taxes and that's all they're doing then they will only be dealing with the IRS.
  3. Sarahk26

    Sarahk26 New Member

    Definitely dealing with the IRS for avoiding to pay taxes. If licensure is an issue, then they will have to deal with the appropriate authority for that.
  4. Samuel Jacob

    Samuel Jacob New Member

    Maybe just in medical purpose, dealers will still be put in jail for selling it, and you can only get it with a prescription.
  5. costin

    costin Member

    I think not much would change, there will be negative cases, but I do hope people will understand that a moderate use, without affecting others, is normality
  6. uloveit

    uloveit New Member

    it must bee agreed that what common ground on this issue and what is a normal amount of marijuana that is accessible for regular users. Only that way we can eliminate missusage.
  7. costin

    costin Member

    Missuage will always exist, as in the case of alcohol: one glass of wine is good, an entire bottle mixes your system
    Probably, in addition to public campaigns to describe the effects of heavy use, pyschologists in schools should be trained for this, HR managers in companies as well, just to know how to offer feedback when something bad occurs
  8. usmantemuri1

    usmantemuri1 Member

    Since people in america support marijuana its future would be bridge

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