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Good Weed Music

Discussion in 'Weed FAILS' started by On Notice, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. On Notice

    On Notice New Member

    What kind of music do you like listening to when you're in the thick of a high? I know Pink Floyd is an obvious one, but I like Tom Petty. I think it's Mike Campbell's guitar though that takes me to another place. The dude's a genius.

  2. patrick

    patrick Member

    Helps me to listen to while cleaning house-whole album on, no one bothers me trying to get my work done.
  3. johnbelley

    johnbelley Member

    Tom's divorce album. So sad and wistful. Cuts deep.
  4. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    I love reggae, in my opinion the best music to listen to whilst being high. There's too many good songs out there who could be considered great for smoking, I guess ill post a random one.
    This one is from the band "Rebelution" a very cheerfull and humble band with great lyrics, amazing sound, a very talented singer and a growing reputation.

  5. watcher99

    watcher99 New Member

    I consider Gangsta rap from the late 80s to early 90s to be very weed-influenced. There is a sense to it I think
  6. usmantemuri1

    usmantemuri1 Member

    This song brings tears to my eyes....

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