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Excellent review on vapes

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Rob101, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Rob101

    Rob101 New Member

    This guy gives some amazing reviews on the best portable vapes for 2016
  2. patrick

    patrick Member

    Crafty still dominates all IMO. Pax2 second, Dabbie is definitely my next purchase :)
  3. johnbelley

    johnbelley Member

    i'd agree, the only thing the Pax 2 lacks is the flavor of the Crafty.
  4. patrick

    patrick Member

    Exactly! If only I could put the Pax's battery inside the Crafty. That would be perfect.
  5. johnbelley

    johnbelley Member

    The Mighty dude! I know it's big and clunky, but I love mine. The battery life isn't quite that of the Pax 2 but I think it's safe to say you could vape through more bud in one battery life than you could with the Pax 2
  6. johnbelley

    johnbelley Member

    Is this Grasshopper the SS version or TI ? Do you think the Titanium one gives bigger clouds ? or just flavor?
  7. Sarahk26

    Sarahk26 New Member

    Does vaping weed not produce a smell, like vaping tobacco?
  8. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    I've never had the chance to try vaping unfortunately, I would very much like to but vaping simply isn't a thing in my town haha.
  9. usmantemuri1

    usmantemuri1 Member

    i want to buy a herb vaporizer,what i choose the storm or the magic fligh launch box?

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