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Cannabis in California, taxes too high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana tax' started by Cannabispreneur, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Cannabispreneur

    Cannabispreneur New Member

    As argued in this article, http://www.thecannabist.co/2016/06/06/california-tax-marijuana-growers/55594/

    Some indicate that a nearly 10% tax rate just on the value of Marijuana alone is way too high, but if you take into consideration the taxation of alcohol and cigarettes, is it really all that high? It's a growing market so I am sure at some point they will find stability but for the moment it's a market just breaking out so there will probably be higher taxes before lower ones.

    What is all your guys thoughts on this? Do you think Cannabis taxes in California are way too high?
  2. Starzoid

    Starzoid New Member

    10 percent seems steep until you look at Colorado!! I think the biggest problem is that tax rates never seem to fall, whatever politicians say may happen. So if it keeps getting hiked best prepare yourself for the worst.

    Thinking of Colorado again, maybe it also depends on what they do with the revenue. Using it for charity causes is fine by me.
  3. On Notice

    On Notice New Member

    I don't think the current tax rate is too high considering what the general sales tax is. I'm actually surprised it isn't higher, but with the volume of sales being what it is I don't think it needs to be. I'm sure the state makes more than enough here.
  4. Sarahk26

    Sarahk26 New Member

    I think it's okay, as long as the taxes are used for something good, like charities or helping veterans. Stuff like that.
  5. costin

    costin Member

    In order to be finally legal, I don`t think 10% is too much
    There are still places, where it`s deeply underground, the idea of a tax is faraway
  6. watcher99

    watcher99 New Member

    It is way to naive to think that taxes can remain low and marijuana legal. You know how they say, win some lose some
    costin likes this.
  7. costin

    costin Member

    Indeed, when you go visible, there are a lot of taxes to pay, not only to the state, but taxes related to your activity, either it`s a small business or a bigger one
    Just think of the rent, maybe one or two employees to help you, if the business expands and so on
  8. Cannabispreneur

    Cannabispreneur New Member

    Thanks for sharing, but unfortunately who knows. Soon Trump will be officially in office and that tax rate may get hiked up much more significantly, especially when it becomes legalized!
  9. Randomer2000

    Randomer2000 Member

    Exactly, if you compare it to Alcohol and Cigarettes it sits fine. I think people are just pissed as usual to pay taxes, but they will get over it hopefully!

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